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bee string

March 7, 2010

Our friends Kevin and Janice were telling us how you can catch a bumble bee, put him in the freezer, tie a string around him, thaw him out, and fly your bumble-bee-on-a-string around the room.

Peter: How long to do you keep him in the freezer?

Janice: Until he’s in a coma—cold but not dead.

While I was trying to think of something to say, my husband beat me to the punch (or shall we say nectar) with…

Peter: Oh, until he’s in a honeycomba.


Janice found this very persuasive when I emailed her about linking to her blog:

“If I link to it, people can find your blog without bumbling around, which would bee pretty stingking great. The bugosphere will be buzzing tomorrow, and honey, you’ll be pollen in comb-ents all day.”

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  1. March 8, 2010 7:42 am

    ohmygosh. it is a *miracle* that you two found each other. you crack me up!


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