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a wedding story

February 27, 2009

One of my dear friends got married last weekend. The wedding was organized in a few short weeks, about twenty guests were in attendance, and I did the flowers. Because of the differences between this event and mine, I was struck again with the miracle of what God does at a wedding, and I left with deep gratitude for what he did at this one. Three hundred guests or twenty, long engagement or short, thirty minute ceremony or three week celebration, decided in love or arranged by parents, performed at a church or on a beach—a covenant is made before God, who unites a man and woman as husband and wife. Weird. Amazing!

On a lighter note, the officiant was simply unbelievable. For example

  • He kept mispronouncing the bride’s name by adding an extra syllable.
  • Every single point began with, “The most important thing about marriage is….”
  • He told this joke: “There was once a Norwegian guy who almost told his wife he loved her.” Silence.
  • During the ring exchange, he grabbed his camera from the unity candle table, stepped aside to get a better angle, and snapped two photos!
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  1. March 5, 2009 2:55 pm

    The second bullet point made me laugh out loud. Thanks for sharing, Jess.

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